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Çıralı and its surroundings are surrounded by ancient cities.Especially Phaselis Ancient City and Olympos Ancient City will give you a tour before the ages.Olimpos, founded in the Hellenistic Period, In front of the Lykia union in 100 and one of the six degrees with the third vote. B.C. In 78, Roman commander Servilius Isauricus cleared Olympos from pirates and added it to the city of Rome. After the 14th century, Olympos, the port of call of the Venetians,Genoese and Rhodian knights in the Mediterranean, spreads two sides deeply.
Olympos will be subject to the SIT area, ancient area and environmental construction is prohibited.Beydağları is an ideal area for Olympos National Park and mountaineers.


 The unremitting fire of Olympos ...

  Chimera located in Çıralı, Antalya, is almost inviting tourists with a fascinating image.You will have to make a short climb to see the flank. Chimera takes his name from the small pieces that are the result of natural gas compression. It is situated in a scenic location close to the sea, the flames coming out of the stones never dies. The natural gas source on the rocks north of the Çıralı beach was the subject of ancient Greek mythology. According to Greek mythology, the legend is as follows: Hipponoes, the son of Ephrarian King Glaukos, kills his brother Belleros in a hunting party and takes the name of Bellerophontes, which means "Eat Belleros".
The Bellerophon, expelled from Ephyra, takes refuge in the king of Argos. The King of Argos, unable to make himself fit for this youthful killing, sends him to the Lycian King. The Lycian king does not want to kill this miserable youngster and sends him to fight with the monster Chimera, a lion-headed, goat-bodied, snake-tailed, and flaming mouth who lives in the mountain of Olympos. Bellerophontes rides on a winged horse called Pegassos and goes to fight with Chimera. When Chimera attacks, Pegassos takes off and Bellerophontes descends to the ground and pours the spear and monster seven times below ground. But Chimera continues to burn flames seven times under the ground. According to the myth that Anatolia has been telling us for thousands of years and Homer's transfer to us this way, the flames still burning are the flames that spring out from the seven-fold bottom of Chimera's place. The place where Khimaira is located is called Lykia in the city of Olympos (Çıralı) behind Yanartaş. Today, as in the early ages, natural gas from the mountain is gushing out, and they are ignited by itself or with a match, and it never stops.


  The Phaselis Ancient City within the administrative borders of Kemer District of Tekirova Town is also easily accessible from Çıralı. The ancient city has a rich history. Your city BC It is said that it was founded by Lokios in 690. Most of the remains of the daylight that have been studied in Phaselis are from the Roman period. Among these remnants; the port, the castle walls, Zeus Mabedi, King Antonius Caravella road and 20 rows of theaters.